Construction Concrete Products

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Curb Stones Square Pier Caps
Eave Slate and Gutterstones
36" Long x 10" Height x 5" Width 16" x 16"
36" Long x 8" Height x 5" Width 18" x 18"
36" Long x 6" Height x 5" Width 20" x 20"
36" Long x 6" Height x 2 1/2" Width 25" x 25"
Parking Bumpers

72" Long x 5" Height x 9" Width Weight 180 lbs. with two 1/2 holes to fasten it to the surface with rebar or a steel pin.

Ornamental Balustrades

We produce 16 different shapes and styles. Heights range from 19" to 34". We also stock rail-starts and many shapes and sizes of handrails.

Entrance and Balcony Concrete Columns

We make 5 different styles plain or fluted.Heights range from 7ft to 9ft

Concrete Balls

Balls! Balls! and more Balls! Sizes include - 6",8",10",12",13",18",20",36"

Wall Caps

We produce flat and peak caps for 8” and10” walls.